best toys under 5000 rupees in India

46 Best Toys under 5000 Rupees in India – 2022

Toys under 5000 Rupees
Looking for the best toys for your kids? You are on the right page. Toys listed on this page are sure to keep your little ones entertained and engaged. So what are you waiting for?

You will be surprised to discover a great range of popular toys at heavily discounted prices for less than 5000 rupees only. These toys are perfect for Christmas, birthdays, and other occasions

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From educational games to creative toys, we have something for every child on your list! So don’t wait any longer – shop today and make your little one’s holiday season extra special!

Best Toys under 5000 Rupees Online in India

Listed products include popular games, trending toys, and hot items that children are crazy about these days. You and your kids will be delighted once you see a variety of kids’ items we curated for you.

1. bruder Police Station

Why we Recommend it: Printed wall elements with easy-to-mount adjustable feet now form the space for even more realism when playing and the new shelving system can also interact with the elements.

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2. Mini Keys Musical Keyboard

Why we Recommend it: Casio Mini Keyboards are made for small hands and designed to aid your little ones. The compact instrument would fit right in their hands. Watch them explore the wonderful world of music.

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3. DUPLO Classic Brick Box Building Set

Why we Recommend it: Develop creative thinking and problem-solving abilities, visual-spatial awareness, and fine motor skills.
Includes 65 colorful bricks plus familiar pieces to stimulate toddlers’ minds, including a car with moving wheels, a roof, window, flowers, bread, DUPLO people figures & 1-2-3 number-learning bricks.

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4. Godiscover Kinder Smart 18 Interactive Charts with Talking Pen

Why we Recommend it: KinderSmart is a special box for the little ones to learn meaningfully and willfully. It consists of a set of 18 age-appropriate interactive, paper-based, multi-sensorial posters and an interactive pen.

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5. Bruder Toys Bworld Health Station

Why we Recommend it: Bworld is the toy world of Bruder. It is made up of moving figures, animals, accessories, and, most recently, also themed sets and is assigned to the well-known Bruder categories.

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6. Magnetic Blocks Puzzle 

Why we Recommend it: Now comes with a stronger box. Children can acquire a strong sense of color, geometrical shapes including 3D forms, numbers counts, magnetic polarities & architectural design at an early age with this kid toy.

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7. Disney Pixar’s Toy Story 4 RV Vacation 10769 Building Kit

Why we Recommend it: Build a cool recreational vehicle with Starter Brick chassis, removable roof, interior with bed, toilet, and sink, plus an RV Park sign with tree and opening gate and a park building wall with a special Starter Brick baseplate, to quickly get your child building and playing in an exciting Toy Story 4 universe.

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8. 100 Toys in a Box Project kits Robots cars gun shooters

Promising Review: 100+ Creative Projects – Electric powered Car, Walking Robot, Catapult Shooter, Gun, Electronic Sensor Water Alarm system, Wooden Gears, Geared Motor Car, Squishy electric Circuits, Monster trucks, etc – Help your kids convert their idea to prototypes in just 5 Min!

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9. Ironman

Why we Recommend it: Relive the action of the Avengers with Iron man’s most iconic armor, Hulk Buster! standing 6.5 inches tall and weighing in at one pound, this collectible die-cast figure features an open and closing helmet and includes a 2 inch Iron Man! 

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10. Trampoline

Why we Recommend it: The jumping mat is connected to the round edge with lots of springs which gives powerful support to the jumping mat and the whole trampoline.
The jumping mat is made of high-resilience PP material and is spacious and flat, which makes you fully enjoy your jumping experience and ensures your safety.

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11. Baby Alive Face Paint Fairy baby doll Blonde

Why we Recommend it: Baby Alive turns mommy and daddy moments into a magical world of play. Girls get to be like mommy and boys get to be like daddy, experiencing first-hand what it’s like to be a parent who is excited, delighted, and surprised by the many ways they can nurture and play.

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12. Bruder 2052 John Deere 6920 with Frontloader

Why we Recommend it: A green color John Deere tractor with a front loader performing a manual front loading action. This toy is best for under 5000 Rupees.

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13. Slider

Why we Recommend it: Made of High-Quality Plastic. These Slides for Children are EN71 Certified which is the most stringent certification defined by European standards for the safety of Babies and Toddlers. Every minor point is considered to give the safest product to your Baby.

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14. TGA Truck 

Why we Recommend it: The tilting cab of the man TGA garbage truck gives access to the engine block. Cab mirrors fold in and out. A fully functional tilting mechanism including a bin lift lets you empty the small bins. The refuse container can be tilted and features a lever to move the refuse.

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15. 3D Premium Magnetic Tiles

Why we Recommend it: Various geometrical shaped tiles with multiple vibrant colors for kids to DIY building models. Kids learn colors and patterns by discovering how to build and fit shapes with different angles.

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16. Letty s Plymouth Barracuda Black – Jada

Why we Recommend it: There is no competition with this high-performance Hollywood car from Jada. This Letty’s Plymouth Barracuda is a 1/24 Scale scale diecast model replica. It comes in black and features free wheel action with openable doors hood and trunk.

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17. Kitchen Playset

Why we Recommend it: This cooking playset comes complete with a play pan and pot, dishes, cooking utensils, condiments, eggs and shrimp, fruits and vegetables, and so on. This toy playset attracts the attention of children and helps them develop good eating habits!

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18. Kani Fashion Doll

Why we Recommend it: New! posable dolls! arms bend at elbows and rotate at shoulders. Legs bend at knees and rotate at hips.

Long silky black nylon hair with cute bangs that are fun to brush and style! Bright brown eyes with long eyelashes.

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19. Gund Snuffles Teddy Bear

Why we Recommend it: Snuffles has been a beloved and best-selling GUND teddy bear for over 30 years.

Popular crescent moon Snuffles design in trending gender-neutral gray color.

Soft, ultra-huggable plush built to famous GUND quality standards.

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20. Mr. Bucket Game

Why we Recommend it: The nostalgic favorite is back to entertain a new generation.

Toss your colored balls into Mr. Bucket as he whirls and spins on the floor as he spits the balls back out! Gets kids up and moving.

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21. Breyer Classics Wild Blue: Book and Horse Toy Set

Why we Recommend it: Breyer horse and book sets feature classic horse stories with models of the beloved horse characters. Beautifully packaged with each novel is the Breyer portrait model of the horse hero, offering a timeless keepsake and great value.

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22. Magnetic Building Running Balls

Why we Recommend it: Children can acquire a strong sense of color, geometrical shapes including 3D forms numbers counts, magnetic polarities & architectural design at an early age.

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23. Creator 3 in 1 Cyber Drone Building Set

Why we Recommend it: Kids can enjoy fun adventures in space, traveling in the drone toy, or racing around on the ground with the cyber mech or cyber scooter.

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24. Butterfly Balance Board 

Why we Recommend it: Brightly colored butterfly-shaped wooden balance board for your child can be used to balance, wobble or jiggle on it and improve balance and coordination.

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25. The Lookout Playset with Chase

Why we Recommend it: Paw Patrol Look-Out is the ultimate High Quality with a real working elevator, lights, and sounds, and a wrap-around slide.

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26. Wooden DIY Maker Set – Building & Constructive STEM Toy

Why we Recommend it:  Learn building & constructive play. Stimulates curiosity, creativity, problem-solving, sensory & fine motor skills.

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27. Tricycle for Kids

Why we Recommend it: This tricycle is great for beginner riders It offers convenience, comfort, and fun! The quiet ride tires provide a smooth ride.

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28. Hand Crafted Roman Brass Chess Set

Why we Recommend it: Looks royal and elegant. It’s heavy brass (3.5kilos) which gives a solid appearance. Nowadays kids are addicted to iPad and other gadgets.

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29. Interactive Early Learning Smart Book

Why we Recommend it: Smart-Pen is like a friend to your little one. It reads when pointed to the content, asks fun questions, listens + and records you, and plays the recording whenever required till it is re-recorded.

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30. Lykan Hypersport Car with Black Panther Action Figure

Why we Recommend it: With styling cues inspired by the king of Wakanda, Black Panter, this Lykan Hypersport features an opening hood, doors, and an adjustable rear spoiler.

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31. Flower Bath Toys Bathtub Toys

Why we Recommend it: These bathtub toys were a hit in my house! My daughter loved to play with them, I couldn’t get her out of the tub at the end. She loved the little pitcher and dumping water into the flower to make the wheels spin.

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32. Busy Activity Cube for Toddlers

Why we Recommend it: When you are busy and have no time to take care of your child, the busy cube is a great toy to keep your child busy, which can train toddler fine motor skills, and exercise children’s hand-eye coordination.

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33. Basketball net for Kids

Why we Recommend it: Kids can start learning different sports through this activity center.
It helps kids with all types of hands, feet, eye coordination, balance, accuracy, thinking and muscle coordination.

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34. Pokemon Munchlax Plush Stuffed Animal Toy

Why we Recommend it: This super-soft plush figure is great to take wherever you go.
The Munchlax plush toy is inspired by Pokémon anime, trading cards, Let’s Go!, Sword and Shield and Nintendo video games series

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35. DIY Metal Robotics Kit

Why we Recommend it: This robotic kit is literally something that children would love to spend time with.
It has helped them to learn the basic concepts of robotics. The quality of metal and plastic equipment coming along with them is too good.

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36. Air Rocket Toy – Ultimate LED Rocket Launcher

Why we Recommend it: Stomp the extra-large foot pump on the kid’s toy rocket launcher and send your air rockets flying high!
This is an awesome addition to your collection of outdoor games and outdoor toys! This kid’s toy is unforgettable!

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37. Einstein Box Complete Learning Set

Why we Recommend it: It comes with a library of 12 books and 18 amazing learning activities and toys.

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38. Aircraft building block playset

Why we Recommend it: Good quality plastic and build. Kids will love assembling this set of blocks.
There is no detailed manual about how to assemble it. You will need to build only by looking at the pictures on the box.

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39. Siren Toys Action Figure

Why we Recommend it: They look very scary, can fully stimulate the imagination of people, each toy has different facial expressions, people will like them.

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40. Siren Toys Action Figure

Why we Recommend it: Perfect for any Marvel fan. Put Marvel movie action into kids’ hands, so they can play out favorite scenes and endless superhero stories of their own.

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41. Grand Kids Swing Car

Why we Recommend it: It’s a must-buy. Kids will love it for sure. The quality of the material is top-notch. R for the rabbit is known for quality and customer satisfaction. Can’t even compare it with other products….my kid loves it.

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42. New Design Magic Yoyo

Why we Recommend it: Bought this yoyo after years of not doing it and wondered why it didn’t come back do your research on responsive and unresponsive before buying this yoyo.

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43. Tarantula with LED Eyes 

Why we Recommend it: My own kids would point and say “WOOOoooooooooooow!”, which is high praise from someone only a year and a half old.

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44. Family Figurines 4-Pack Set 

Why we Recommend it: My twins loved their figures and still do – safe, fun and long-lasting after the number of hits and being thrown they’ve gone through already with my two-year-olds.

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45. Letter Train and Piano Activity Table

Why we Recommend it: My one year old and three year old both loving it…actually fight over it…😊
Keeps them engaged…

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46. Dinosaur Infrared Control Walking And Roaring

Why we Recommend it: realistic dyno look…nice head and overall movement…awesome gift for dyno lover kids..I had to return it as a kid who already had the same toy….but the toy is awesome.

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