best toys under 100 rupees in India

33 Best Toys under 100 Rupees in India – 2022

Toys under 100 Rupees
Do you have a little one at home who is always begging for toys? Or maybe you’re a parent who’s looking to save some money and want to know what the best budget-friendly toy option is. Either way, this blog post is for you!

I’ve compiled a list of 33 of the best kids’ toys that are available in India and all of them cost less than 100 rupees.

So whether you’re looking for something educational or simply want to keep your little one entertained, there’s sure to be something on this list that will fit your needs.

Best Toys under 100 Rupees Online in India

If you’re like most parents, you want to provide your children with the best possible toys to encourage their development and keep them entertained. But also don’t want to break your bank.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of 33 great toys that cost under 100 rupees each. We hope you find it helpful!​

1. SKA Real Looking Rubber Lizard Toy

Why we Recommend it: This is Part of our Creatures collection, which features true-to-life vinyl replicas of some of the most amazing creatures.
Suitable for collectors, enthusiasts, teachers, and kids, you can admire it on a shelf, use it in the classroom, or simply enjoy playing with it.

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2. Mani Soft Plush Cotton Soft Fiber Ball 

Why we Recommend it: This multicolored softball is lightweight and safe to play with.
Home washable Machine washable – to help you keep the ball clean and safe for your kids.

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3. Plastic Bamboo Dragonfly 

Why we Recommend it: These Dragonflies have a helicopter design, propels, and spins in the air like helicopters.
Easy to play, a great gift for children to play with their friends.
Put the stick into the leaf, use hand rubbing sticks, let go, the plastic bamboo dragonfly will fly in the sky, a moment later, will fall down.

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4. ISRE Animal Toy Camera

Why we Recommend it: It is made up of non-toxic plastic material, which is totally harmless for your kids. It will level up the excitement by gifting your kid.

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5. Duck Family Baby Bathing Toys 

Why we Recommend it: Squeak fun these ducks will squeak when you squeeze them kids will never stop playing with that Bath time joy kids just love to play with them in the bathtub bring a great bath time with your little ones 4 Rubber ducks per pack playing with this stuffed toy without getting boring fun.

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6. Little Chicks Soft Toy

Why we Recommend it: Home Delivered always brings you amazing things this little chick will give the feel of real chicks and the quality of the product is quite impressive to attract your child just wind up in this product and it will start entertaining you like little chicks and this toy is very fluffy.

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7. Musical Mouth Organ Senior Toy

Why we Recommend it: The cute Mouth organ featuring a fun musical notes design sticker is sure to provide plenty of musical entertainment. This will keep kids engrossed and will have hours of fun. A great and unique musical instrument that kids will absolutely love to play.

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8. Mini Pull Back car Toys

Why we Recommend it: High-Quality Product
pull-back car, made of high-quality plastic car toy that is sturdy, durable, and lightweight.
Help to build kids’ imaginary kingdom at full blast, improve their imagination and creativity.

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9. wooden spinning tops lattoo

Why we Recommend it: Traditional classic handcrafted spinning top lattu/Pambaram with metal tip comes with two threads. This is a wooden top that players fling onto the ground and spin by pulling a string wound around the toy. It is common for players to fling their tops together to watch them “fight”.

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10. Caterpillar Key Wind up To

Why we Recommend it: The cute caterpillar moves forward after you wind up the key and release it on the ground. A simple spring gear mechanism makes sure the caterpillar moves smoothly. Kids love the way it crawls on the ground.

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11. Football Shape Plastic Premium Whistle 

Why we Recommend it: Call a time-out for fun with these whistles! Make some noise with these classic accessories. Stick them in goodie bags or use them as filling for the pinata! The possibilities are endless with these whistles. Each whistle measures approx 6 cm long.

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12. Wintex Flying Disc

Why we Recommend it: These Flying Disc are 10 inches in diameter which makes the perfect size for a fun time with your kids, friends, families, and even pets.
Enjoy picnic dates, recreational actives, and a visit to the park more. Have fun playing catch with your friends.

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13. gsm dumanhill metal model car 

Promising Review: Good quality, metal body car, my son is very happy. The packing is good. Thanx for the fast delivery .-SANTOSH KUMAR

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14. Superman Kids First Plastic Bat and Ball

Why we Recommend it: The bat features an attractive print, strong sturdy finish & aids hand-eye coordination.
If your child dreams of being a part of the great Indian cricket team one day, then here is how you can set his dream off and give it wings.

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15. Humaira Mini Toy Gun PUBG Pistol 

Why we Recommend it: This toy Gun holds 6MM Plastic BB Bullets. Ideal for Gifting or Self-use! – Mini Toy Gun Usage: Pull the knob below the barrel forward to open the pellets holder, and after loading the gun please press it back to lock the pellets holder. This gun has low pressure so that Kids Don’t get hurt if they Shoot each other.

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16. Creative Clay 

Why we Recommend it:  Pidilite Rangeela Creative Clay pack containing animals enhances your child’s ability to recognize different colors and the differences in shape size and textures.

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17. Ultra Powerful Laser Pointer Beam Light 

Why we Recommend it: This Is Red Powerful Laser Pen Pointer Beam Light 5Mw You Can Use This Laser Pen Point To The Target Instead Of Hands Light Weight And Handy Design, It Is Very Convenient To Put In Bags Or Pockets 4 Different Shades gives different images with the Laser Point

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18. Z8 Push Cars

Why we Recommend it: Z8 Push Cars product origin from china a vintage model car with non-sharp edges safe for kids classy designed attractive toy for kids.

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19. Wooden Toy Brain Teaser Puzzle 

Why we Recommend it: The kids would enjoy not only by adroitly placing all the three balls in the central groove, they would also enjoy keeping it as a collectible item. Make a gift of this labyrinth to kids to help them develop better coordination between mind and hands.

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20. Cartoon Puffy 3D Cute Stickers 

Promising Review: The 10 sheets of stickers are unique and my kids are loving them. Worth for the money-Anonymous

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21. ISRE Super Stylish Two Sided Push and go Stunt car

Why we Recommend it: These stunt Cars will Flip on walls and continue moving. The toy car is very durable and gives the look of a racing Car. 

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22. Stewit Pop It for Kids

Why we Recommend it: Great toy for stress relief and restore focus: This works as a great stress relief toy and this stress relief gadget keeps your brain on break and Good stress busters for adults also.

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23. Pop it Ball, 3D Anti-Pressure Pop Ball 

Why we Recommend it: Easy interactive sensory toy game, set your own rules and play games with our stretchy fidget balls which can not only improves relationships and increases intimacy with your friends or families but also cultivate logical thinking and train sensory abilities.

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24. Classmate Disney Colour Fun Combo Kit 

Why we Recommend it:

  • Easy to use and can fit in the school bag easily, it’s an ideal gift for your kid
  • The set features bright colors and attractive print that your child will surely love

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25. Cute and Beautiful Toy Standing Doremon for Kids

Promising Review: Very Nice Product, my kids like this and play the whole day with this Doremon.
You can try these toys for your kids.

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26. Mini Vehicles City Police Jeep

Promising Review: Wonderful’s a small but strong toy.. and worth every penny you 3yr old loves this toy.. absolutely lovely purchase

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27. Tic Tac Toe

Promising Review: My daughter just loves it and continues playing throughout the day and wants everyone to play with her.

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28. Mist Watermelon Pencil Pouch Soft Toys

Why we Recommend it: Cartoon panda appearance pencil bag, cute and attractive. Utilized to put your most-used writing instruments for quick access.

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29. Chocolate Shaped Personal Desk Notepad Memo Book

Why we Recommend it:

  • Best gift for someone who loves to write things to keep it as a memory.
  • Ideal product for both genders and age group.

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30. Funny Yet Beautiful Miniature Wooden chakla belan Set 

Why we Recommend it: It is a unique identity and reputation. This product is made in a good way and completely checked by professionals.
Dimension of all products is approx. Colors may be slightly changed. Because they are made by hands so might be a little unfinished.

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31. Super Soft Multicolor Ball Toy for Boys and Girls

Why we Recommend it: shaking the ball produces a rattling sound. Soft and safe for your little one: The soft material of toys ensures that your baby is always safe while playing with the toys.

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32. Wooden Harmonica Colorful Kids

Why we Recommend it: Early introduction to music with this musical Toy for Children will help them enjoy music.

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33. Moral Story Book for Kids

Why we Recommend it: Stories play a great role in the growth and development of a child’s mental health. 

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If you’re still looking for more great toy ideas, then be sure to browse our site. We’ve got tons more unique toy ideas throughout our site, so have a look around!

Hope you find this list of Toy ideas useful and you are now set to surprise them with the perfect toy!
If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, we may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

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