Toys for 8 year old girl

22 Best Toys for 8 Year Old Girl in India – 2022

When it comes to finding the best gifts for 8 year old girls, there are plenty of great options to choose from. If you’re looking for ideas, check out some of the top toys that are sure to be a hit with any young girl. From fun games and activities to creative crafts and stylish accessories, there is something for every child on this list.

Toys for 8 Year Old Girl – India

So whether you’re shopping for your own daughter or niece, or you’re looking for a gift idea for a friend’s little one, these toys will definitely put a smile on her face.

1. DIY Building Construction Activity Toy Game Kit

Why we Recommend it: With the help of this DIY activity kit she can make her own mechanical hand and use it to play around and hold and pick things using it.

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2. Hut Type Kids Toys

Why we Recommend it: This portable tent is fun and cozy is just perfect to use as a play tent for your little girl.
Great for both indoor and outdoor use.

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3. Jungle Hide and Seek Puzzle Game

Why we Recommend it: ‘Excellent product for kids and it really helps in increasing their creativity and problem-solving skills.’Naveen Kumar

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4. Nerf NanoFire Blaster

Why we Recommend it: This compact Nerf blaster lets kids take it almost anywhere to start blasting almost anytime.
Your little girl gonna have a lot of fun with this.

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5. Townhouse Toy Store

Why we Recommend it: Kids get a challenging and rewarding building experience creating a townhouse toy store, cake shop, or detailed flower shop.
This 3 in1 set inspires endless opportunities for kids to build, rebuild, imagine and play in whole new ways.

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6. LEGO 42105 Catamaran

Why we Recommend it: Ideal for developing engineering skills, this 2-in-1 model sailboat kit lets kids build, play and rebuild, giving an introduction to how boats really work.

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7. Xenobotz Wreck-It Saurus

Promising Review: ‘Excellent
It is easy to assemble and a very creative toy for kids. children take interest in assembling the toy and help to understand the mechanism.’
Shaheen Perveen

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8. Educational Game: Space Explorers 

Why we Recommend it: Truly innovative content which is age-appropriate, skill-oriented, and infinitely engaging for young learners.

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9. Lagori Pitthu Satodiyu

Why we Recommend it: This game develops the aiming and strategy-building skills in kids as well as hones their team-building spirit.

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10. The Game of Life game, board game

Promising Review: ‘A wonderful game for the whole family!!! My girls love it ❤️ Don’t think twice it’s a good game to play on game nights with kids. They get so excited to get married and have kids 😁’Anonymous

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11. DIY, Educational, Learning, Stem, Building, and Construction Toys

Why we Recommend it: One of those educational toys that encourage young minds to think and grow. 
This kit of construction toys comes with all the tools, and parts to build 25 different models, one at a time.

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12. Zephyr Memory Skill

Why we Recommend it: Sharpen her memory and develop her thinking abilities by bringing home this memory skills game.
This enthralling set of games by Zephyr Toys consists of different combination cards, game boxes, and pegs which help the player while playing the game. 

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13. Motor Machines Science Experiment Kits Toys

Promising Review: ‘Liked the wide variety of 60+ things to build. Sturdy material & instruction videos are good for repeat use. Using it daily in her self play alone creative time to when we are busy :-)’Amareswari

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14. Wooden Numbered Building Bricks

Why we Recommend it: Playing Jenga is a non-verbal way to improve your child’s reasoning skills, and develop good hand-eye coordination and fine-tune dexterity.

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15. Einstein Box Science Experiment Kit

Promising Review: ‘I really liked the product very much as I ordered it for my daughter. It’s not like every other playing thinks it’s unique and interesting and children can learn something from it. Amazing 👍👍’MJ

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16. Chemistry Science Experiment Kit

Promising Review: Nice creativity activity. Kids loved making soaps with them. You can make different kinds of soap like glitter soap, dough soap, paper soap in different colors. It’s very interesting and keeps them engaged. Materials given are of good quality and instructions are given properly. This would also be great as a gift for 6 year olds. We liked it.-Safiyah

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17. Bracelet Jewellery Making Kit

Why we Recommend it: Engaging Mess-Free Craft Activity that younger and teen girls will enjoy. Choose from over 300 picture patterns. Or create or color your own to make cute, stylish, personalized bracelets.

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18. Watch

Why we Recommend it: The kid’s toy watch has 7 colors LED backlight, a large dial, and numbers. Just press the backlight button on the left for 3 seconds and these seven backlight colors can be adjusted, which not only satisfies the child’s curiosity but also clearly see the time at night.

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19. Pinball Machine

Promising Review: What a fantastic product series! Honestly this will develop lot of patience and eye for detail for your kids. Also the joy of making the toy from scratch!-Ritesh Alladwar

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20. Roller Skates

Why we Recommend it: These quad roller skates are man-made using a Mild steel material and zinc plated/Powder Coating that creates a breathable, yet durable skate with a Powerful steel Plate.

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21. Experiments STEAM Science Electricity Kit

Why we Recommend it: 13 Exciting activities for kids to learn about Science, Electricity, Electronics, Art, and robotics. They can learn to build their own machines, decorative arts, and innovative projects.

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22. All-Natural Spa Day

Why we Recommend it: This fully loaded spa kit is the sleepover/mommy and me version of Smart Lab’s award-winning All-Natural Spa Lab. In the kit, kids will find everything they need for a spa party with their friends.

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