Toys for 8 year old boy

22 Best Toys for 8 Year Old Boy in India

As your 8 year old boy starts growing up, he will gradually become more and more curious about the world around him. This is the perfect time to start introducing him to new and interesting toys that will help foster his creativity and curiosity.

If you’re looking for some ideas on what to get your little one, check out our list of the best toys for 8 year old boys in India. He’s sure to love them!

Toys for 8 Year Old Boy – India

Whether your child is into cars, trains or dinosaurs, we have something for everyone. So read on to find out what the best toys for 8 year old boys are in India!

1. LEGO 42103 Dragster Set

Why we Recommend it: Kids will love exploring everything their Hot Rod can do, with lots of opportunity for creative play once the model is built.

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2. FunBlast Plastic Building Block Brick Educational DIY Toys

Why we Recommend it: This will help your kid in development of motor skills and logical thinking, expand the horizons of the child and stimulate the knowledge of the world.

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3. Walls & Warriors

Why we Recommend it: Stimulates the development of cognitive skills such as Planning, Flexible Thinking, Logic, and Problem Solving.

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4. Funskool Othello

Why we Recommend it: An absolutely addictive game, this Othello board game helps develop tactical as well as strategic thinking within your child.
It helps children think laterally, which will assist them later on in life when they’re writing competitive exams for their careers. 

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5. Racing Car Building Block Toys

Promising Review: ‘Awesome product. Kids have to use their minds to assemble this car. Good for 5+ kids. Good step-by-step instruction for assembly. You can make 3 designs out of the given items. Have to keep all materials safe as there are many tiny pieces that may get lost if not taken care of properly.’Kannan

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6. Plastic Orboot Planet Mars

Why we Recommend it: Orboot Mars is the first-ever interactive Mars globe that is powered by Augmented Reality for children to explore the red planet and the solar system in a fun adventurous way.
An educational toy that helps develop scientific thinking, physics fundamentals, space science, and problem-solving skills.

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7. Building Block Brick Educational DIY Toys

Promising Review: ‘Amazing product, every penny worth it, my son loves playing with it. Keeps him busy for a lot of time and a very very good quality toy.’Varsha

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8. Marvel Avengers 90 Pcs Panorama Puzzle

Why we Recommend it: Your kid will have lots of fun assembling the colorful panorama jigsaw puzzle featuring characters from the marvel’s avengers series comprising 90 pieces.

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9. Einstein Box Science Experiment Kit

Promising Review: ‘It was an amazing box and my 8 years old enjoyed using the box fully. He is yet to do a couple of the experiments, but what he has done he enjoyed and he could do them with minimal help from me… recommend it for kids to keep them away from tv and phones!’Smrithi

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10. Circuit Max, 25+ Fun Electronics Experiments

Why we Recommend it: Explore Electronics by creating advanced fun Circuits. Safe for Children. Use electrical and electronic components like LEDs, buzzers, motors, transistors, capacitors, and many more.

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11. Space Shuttle Launch Centre Building Blocks

Why we Recommend it: Your Child here is all set to launch his own spaceship from this imaginative but real-looking Space Station.
 Space shuttle launch center building blocks assembled a series of children’s educational toys, This model of a space shuttle and its launch pad Space Shuttle. 

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12. Robotics Kit for 101 Projects

Why we Recommend it: Electronics blocks that he can connect to build DIY/robotics projects.
Educational kit for the young innovator.

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13. Magnetic dartboard set

Why we Recommend it: Darts is a fun and challenging game that builds hand-eye coordination and fine motor strength; however, conventional darts can be dangerous, especially for kids.
This dartboard will be safe and plenty of fun for your young kid.

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14. Construction Toys Playset

Why we Recommend it: Start off your child’s mechanical skills with this Cool Tools Set. They can learn the basics of how different tools work.
Not only will your child be entertained for hours, but also fire their imagination and enhance their abilities.

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15. Garden Scienz Experimental Educational Game 

Why we Recommend it: Botany game with 20 fun-to-do experiments which help in learning about Indian geography, soil, climate, and different regions.

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16. Yellow Nuts Activity Kit

Why we Recommend it: This Science Kit is made of Non-Toxic material, which will not hurt the health and is environment-friendly. Fully safety tested. You can feel free to use it. Introduce Science To your Kid!

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17. Building and Construction Toys

Why we Recommend it: A step-by-step manual to enable your child to learn the basics of fitting and guide him through the process.

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18. Brain Booster

Why we Recommend it: This Magnetic Tangram, Junior Edition contains 7 magnetic tile puzzle pieces, a magnetic board, and a book of puzzles. This Magnetic Tangram is a great travel board game for kids.

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19. Mental Math and Equation Making Game

Why we Recommend it: Kids respond to learning when they are engaged, challenged, and enjoying their tasks. Super Math Spy is fun first! Takes the fear out of math to promote a love for math learning.

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20. Alpha Strike Wolf LR-1 Blaster

Why we Recommend it: Alpha Strike blasters are a great way to start experiencing the power, performance, and excitement of Nerf, the number one blaster brand.

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21. Reusable Activity Mats

Why we Recommend it: Truly innovative content which is age-appropriate, skill-oriented, and infinitely engaging for young learners.

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22. Mini Football

Why we Recommend it: Smartivity helps in the Brain Development of your child with STEAM Concepts based game/toy with Real Moving Parts & MECHANICAL ACTIONS

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