Toys for 7 year old girl

22 Best Toys for 7 Year Old Girl in India – 2022

Looking for the best toys for a 7 year old girl in India? Here is our guide to some of the best gifts and toys for girls this age. From classics like Barbies and puzzles, to creative new age options like coding kits and crafting supplies, we’ve got you covered.

In this blog post, we will share with you some of the best toy options for girls aged 7 years old and up.

Toys for 7 Year Old Girl – India

So whether you are looking for something specific or just want some general ideas, read on for the perfect gift ideas for a seven year old girl!

1. Khilona 42-Piece Kitchen Set

Why we Recommend it: Your little ones can learn to identify the colors and names of food toys by playing the matching food game.
The kitchen playset is made of durable plastic that will withstand endless hours of delightful play.

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2. Magic Balls Puff Balls Building Block Toys

Why we Recommend it: This game develops imagination, dexterity and also learns color shapes.
All children are thinking creators. It awakens the imagination of children. She’ll build according to her desires.

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3. Barbie Barbie Doll (Multicolour)

Why we Recommend it: Young stylists will love creating new looks over and over because when a girl plays with Barbie, she imagines everything she can become.

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4. Pets Ladybug House Playset

Why we Recommend it: The little ladybug garden is a wonderful miniature world for your ladybugs to explore. Watch her scoot in and out and all about their own little land. It’s endless fun in every direction.

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5. Fantastic Optics Kaleidoscope

Promising Review: ‘Got this for a 5-year-old. She patiently assembled it, step by step, the explanations were in great detail. When she looked in the end through the looking glass, her joy knew no bounds. She has been jumping since. Added her photo in one of the chambers which increased her excitement.’ATISH GOVIL

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6. Hut Type Kids Toys

Why we Recommend it: This play tent offers extra room for your children to play, learn, and just be there for hours without getting bored.

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7. Shopping Cart with Fruits, Vegetables, and Snacks

Promising Review: ‘I got this item for my four-year-old daughter and she really enjoyed playing with it. It is beautifully made and the quality is also good at this price. Overall happy with the purchase.’ Manisha S

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8. My Little Pony Frozen Doll 

Why we Recommend it: Set comes with 20 character-inspired accessories to imagine stories with Princess Celestia and dress her up in styles that she loves.

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9. Educational Map Puzzle and 5-in-1 Awesome Craft Kit

Why we Recommend it: The craft ideas for kids and variations in the activities included in this kit will keep her creatively engaged for hours.
This kit not only nurtures creativity, problem-solving, and motor skills but also boosts the self-confidence of kids as they are able to independently create a variety of masterpieces

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10. Coin Launcher, Funny Indoor Board Game

Why we Recommend it: This game helps children to improve hand-eye coordination and strategic thinking skills. It encourages cooperation and teamwork as well as problem-solving and basic matching skills.

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11. Barbie Barbie Doll (Multicolour)

Promising Review: ‘It’s a beautiful and delicately designed doll… The dress is one of the best barbie gowns ever! Very happy with the purchase, though the packaging could have been better… Value for money! Loved it!🥰’Subhajyoti Lahiri

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12. The Classic Game of Connect 4, Grid

Why we Recommend it: Introduce your kids to the classic Connect 4 game and enjoy playing this entertaining strategy game together.

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13. Creative toy and DIY set

Promising Review: ‘All the activities are amazing and completely mess-free. The box is a complete craft kit, you don’t have to get anything else to make the craft. It can keep them engaged creatively for hours.
I loved all the 5 craft kits in the box. All are different and great for kids. My child loved them all.’
Jainisha Varma

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14. Lil Secrets Bakery Play Set 

Why we Recommend it: Reveal a bakery inside, and so many more fun secrets like a fridge full of fantastic treats and see what’s baking in the oven.
This would become one of her favorite toys.

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15. SmartoKids 3-in-1 Activity Set 

Promising Review: ‘The three activities presented in the box are different. So the child will not get bored of doing one after the other. Good quality and very creative material. Helps to keep the child engaged for a while. Appropriate and interesting material for the age group mentioned.’

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16. Beauty Makeup Play Set

Why we Recommend it: Amazing fashion beauty salon for little girls, they can be a hairdresser, stylists, or even a princess! Children can experience adult life in advance.

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17. Card Game : Found It Indoor & Travel Combo Pack

Why we Recommend it: A sign with the number ‘6” etc.! Players must shout “FOUND IT!” as soon as they get their hands or spot the object! Play at home or when you’re on a road trip and try to be the first one to win 7 cards!

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18. Kaleidoscope

Why we Recommend it: Longer Constructive Activity, Multiple Gameplays, Core STEAM Learning, and Superior Engagement Time Per Rupee than other DIY toys.

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19. Science Project Kit

Why we Recommend it: The Ultimate Electricity kit for 7-14 year-olds is designed to introduce kids to basic concepts of Electricity. It builds love and curiosity for Science and provides hours of screen-free fun. Every single component required to build the 3-D projects and paper circuits is included in the box.

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20. Space Rocket STEM Toy

Promising Review: Great product. Well-written pro-level documentation, good quality parts, and integration.
The locking part to ready the launcher is a key part of the design but is easy to miss. It might be better to add the text instruction in the part itself…-prabindh

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21. Magnetic Puzzles Jumbo Hexagon

Why we Recommend it: Magnetic Puzzle is an excellent imagination-building and creative tool. It cultivates problem-solving skills in children. It improves their geometric and spatial understanding. Kids pick up, pinch, and grasp pieces and move them around. This leads to fine motor development and hand-eye coordination.

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22. Yarn Wrapping

Why we Recommend it: Make it your next family craft project or a birthday party activity. Bond with friends, and siblings. Engages kids to explore, imagine, create and learn through creative play.

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