Toys for 7 year old boy

22 Best Toys for 7 Year Old Boy in India

Looking for the best toys for a 7 year old boy in India? Check out our list of the top picks for this age group. In this post, we’ll share some of our top picks for the most popular and fun-filled toys that will keep your little one entertained for hours on end.

Toys for 7 Year Old Boy – India

Whether your child loves cars, action figures, or sports, we have something to suit his interests. So don’t wait any longer and start shopping today!

1. Monster Buggies Toy

Why we Recommend it: Perfect for beginners as it is easy to construct and helps to gain confidence across age groups thereby enhancing the ability to build something exciting with real-life tools.

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2. Classic Jenga, Hardwood Blocks, Stacking Tower Game

Why we Recommend it: Pull out a block, place it on top, but don’t let the tower fall. This fun, challenging game is a great game for families and kids.

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3. Explore Space: Educational, Interactive AR Space Puzzle Game

Why we Recommend it: Explore Space is an interactive space game. It encourages children to explore our solar system and beyond.
The Game includes multiple physical play modes. Augmented reality enhances physical play and encourages children to explore planets and other celestial bodies in a fun way.

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4. Foam Blaster Gun Toy

Why we Recommend it: This classic toy gun is made of superior plastic and is accompanied by 5 suction and 5 soft foam bullets.
These bullets are not at all harmful and totally safe for your kids.

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5. Hydraulic Plane Launcher

Promising Review: ‘Best gift for my son… Delivered on time… Took almost 3 hrs to assemble and that was the best family time… Best part is it’s post-service… One part got damaged after some days. So I called customer care and they are so humble and supportive. Within two days I received new part.’Kirtika Mittal

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6. Orboot Planet Mars

Why we Recommend it: Interactive Mars globe that is powered by Augmented Reality for children to explore the red planet and the solar system in a fun adventurous way.

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7. Activity Blast-off Space Rocket Activity Rocket

Why we Recommend it: Smartivity’s Blast Off Space Rocket Toy kit, with this interactive toy your child can bring their imagination to life.
The kit contains all the elements that a child can assemble a rocket and rocket launcher and launch their own missions.

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8. Building and Construction Set, Battlefield

Why we Recommend it: Nothing interests a child more than being able to make something from scratch and then taking it apart again.
The little engineer battlefield set includes various parts and components to make Great battle vehicles. 

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9. Solar System Puzzle

Why we Recommend it: This puzzle will create an interest in the child to learn more about the Solar System and outer space.
Fun and learning go hand in hand with this engaging puzzle game which is great for entertainment, development, and growth.

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10. 3D Magnetic Construction Building Blocks

Why we Recommend it: Kids just love this magnetic construction set hours of individual or family fun hands-on play to build anything you can imagine.

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11. Remote Controlled Train and Track Set 

Why we Recommend it: This classic, battery-operated, train set is a great way to pass time with your child, real smoke, and light come from the locomotive.

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12. Lagori Wooden Blocks

Why we Recommend it: Want to introduce your kids to the good old toys of the 90’s. This beautifully crafted Lagori game would make the perfect gift.

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13. DIY Catapult Guns Shooter Kit

Why we Recommend it: Makes a great gift for kids who like to build and are interested in seeing how things work.

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14. Educational and Learning Laptop with 20 Activities and Games

Why we Recommend it: Alphabet and early vocabulary learning are reinforced with every tap of a letter as children play on a laptop made just for them.
Fun animations bring the learning to life, and children are able to learn through the play-away method.

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15. Einstein Box Science Experiment Kit 

Promising Review: ‘This is the best science kit. My kids had a great time doing all the experiments. The kit has all the necessary things to do the experiments.
The only thing you need is water, milk, and veg oil from your home. Better than the Genius Box kit.
It also explains the science behind all the experiments. Go for it.’
Durga Charan Das

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16. Kids Safe & Non – Toxic Chemistry Kit

Why we Recommend it: 60+ hours of Engagement with step-by-step instruction manuals for kids to perform experiments at home, have fun and learn fundamental chemistry and physics concepts.

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17. Spelling & Word Game

Why we Recommend it: Learn to spell new words with phonics and improve your vocabulary and word usage in sentences. Packed with stories, characters, poems, and puzzles to make learning super fun!

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18. Skateboard

Why we Recommend it: This skateboard series. It also gives secures riding and protects you from unexpected injuries.

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19. Smartivity DIY Foosball

Why we Recommend it: Longer Constructive Activity, Multiple Gameplays, Core STEAM Learning, and Superior Engagement Time Per Rupee than other DIY toys.

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20. Erasable and Reusable Activity Mat

Why we Recommend it: Perfect gift & a fun educational game – Truly innovative content which is age-appropriate, skill-oriented, and infinitely engaging for young learners.

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21. Wooden Domino Building Blocks

Why we Recommend it: It will exercise children’s cognitive ability of color, cultivate participants’ creativity, exercise their will, and cultivate team spirit to a large extent.

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22. Einstein Box Slime Kit

Why we Recommend it: Finally, the best slime-making kit for boys & girls from the makers of Einstein Box has arrived! Get all you need in one complete box with glue, activator, scents, colors, spatula, glitters, glow in the dark powder, a variety of textures, slime containers, and more! Plus, 8 Slime project sheets and a manual on how to make your perfect slime!

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