Toys for 4 year old girl

22 Best Toys for 4 Year Old Girl in India – 2022

Are you looking for the best toys for 4 year old girl in India? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll share our top picks for the best toys for 4 year old girls.

Toys for 4 Year Old Girl – India

Whether she’s into dolls and princesses or outdoor sports and activities, we’ve got you covered. So without further ado, here are some of the best toys for 4 year old girls in India!

1. Disney Bowling Set – Mickey and Friends

Why we Recommend it: The ball has easy-inert finger holes that fit little fingers comfortably. This bowling set provides hours of fun and entertainment for children.

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2. Reusable Activity Mats/ Educational Game 

Why we Recommend it: Facilitates learning and skill development by allowing children to absorb concepts at their own pace through repetition.
Facilitates learning and skill development by allowing children to absorb concepts at their own pace through repetition.

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3. Big Size House Building Blocks with Windows

Why we Recommend it: Watch your child entertain themselves and spend countless hours away from video games as they create, imagine and engineer, robots, cars, flowers.

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4. Football Soccer Educational Toy Ball

Why we Recommend it: Make her get into physical activities by gifting these charming soccer balls to her. Ideal Soccer balls for beginners.

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5. Musical dancing girl doll

Why we Recommend it: This toy can help baby to develop intelligence, creativity ,imagination and also helps her develop eye-hand coordination.

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6. Literacy Wiz Fun Game – Upper Case Sight Words

Why we Recommend it: Working towards creating each word and match it with the card helps your child develop their concentration and memory skills, preparing them the essential skills for future academic success.

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7. Activity Box

Why we Recommend it: ‘Ordered this one for my 3.5year old kid. The kit has a variety of different learning sets and a planner for the entire month. The best part is the majority of the sets are re-usable. Perfect learning in this price range.’Milind

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8. Multi-Functional Digital Computing Learning Blocks Box

Why we Recommend it: This toy set play’s a very vital role in the child’s preschool education because with the help of this toy you can teach them basic mathematics and improve their drawing and other creative skills.

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9. Ultimate Kid Chef Bring Along Kitchen Cooking Suitcase Set

Why we Recommend it: This cute activity toy Is a great way to encourage imaginative and creative play and motor skill development.

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10. Paperless Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Why we Recommend it: 40 pieces of a special shape jigsaw puzzle can help children develop early cognitive ability, attention, observation, problem-solving skills, hand-eye-brain coordination & logical thinking. Completing a puzzle is a great collaborative activity for family and friends.

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11. Playshifu Plugo Letters – Word Building with Stories & Puzzles

Why we Recommend it: Packed with stories, characters, poems, and puzzles to make learning super fun for little kids.
This will make him learn to spell new words with phonics and improve his vocabulary and word usage in sentences.

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12. Flash Drum with Sticks – Pink and Yellow

Why we Recommend it: ‘My kid loves this drum. He likes when it pops up in different colors with different music. It has three types of music. It has an on and off switch, can also be used as a normal drum without music and lights.’Prathyusha

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13. Wooden fishing game toy

Why we Recommend it: The Magnetic Wooden Fishing Game is a great teaching tool to develop your kid’s hand and eye coordination as well as their motor skills. Alphabet Fish Games challenging enough to keep kids entertained, yet easy enough to promote confidence.

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14. Construction Sticks Block Games

Why we Recommend it: With so many colorful pieces of Building Toys. This building toy can be combined into arbitrary shapes, flowers, animals, cars, worlds, and more. can stimulate basic building techniques and inspire little kids’ creativity and imagination.

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15. Creative Educational Games & Puzzle

Why we Recommend it: ‘Very good product for toddlers. My son 3.5yrs loving it. I liked the material very much. The pieces are hard and lightweight. Easy to fix..and learn.’
Neha K Choudhary

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16. Jungle Explorer Activity Kit

Why we Recommend it: A perfect exploratory, hands-on learning experience that blends physical activity with the latest technology to empower young minds with engagement that is state-of-the-art and tailored for ‘Generation Next’.

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17. Einstein Box

Why we Recommend it: The Spelling puzzle & Workbook develops language & logic. The Atlas & Memory game helps brain development and helps kids to learn about the world around them. The Science kit develops curiosity and builds a love for science.

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18. Magnetic Fun with Alphabet and Words

Why we Recommend it: This is a perfect introduction to simple words. The colorful pictures help your child associate words with objects. This product helps to develop early reading skills including letter recognition, word formation, and spelling.

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19. Train with 3D Lightning

Why we Recommend it: Providing long-lasting strength and use, this Beautiful 3D Lightning Electric Train Toy is expertly crafted using durable plastic construction to withstand bumping into walls and endless hours of play.

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20. Magic Balls Puff Balls Building Block

Why we Recommend it: This game develops imagination and dexterity and also learns color and shapes. All children are thinking creators. It awakens the imagination of children. He builds according to his desires.

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21. Mapology Monuments of India – Construction Set

Why we Recommend it: Learn 50+ interesting facts about Indian monuments while you snugly fit the 3D puzzle together

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22. Educational Game : I Can Write!

Why we Recommend it:  Skillmatics reusable activity mats ensure kids have fun while they learn key concepts. It is also ideal for children to bond with their friends and family.

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