Toys for 2 year old girl

22 Best Toys for 2 Year Old Girl in India – 2022

Looking for the best toys for a 2 year old girl in India? You’ve come to the right place! Our top picks include some of the most popular and exciting toys that are sure to keep your little one entertained for hours on end.

Toys for 2 Year Old Girl – India

From dolls and dress-up sets to creative art supplies and building blocks, these toys are perfect for promoting imaginative play and helping your child learn and grow. So what are you waiting for? Check out our list today!

1. Baby’s First Sorting Blocks with Color Shape & Recognition

Why we Recommend it: A great developmental toy for beginners, offering a fun way for kids to learn essential skills like shape recognition, problem-solving, and making accurate Learning independently.

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2. Wheel Panda Magic Car with Backrest, Music & Lights

Why we Recommend it: ‘My child is 1 1/2 year old…so as specified it is good for 3 years .. 2-year child can also handle it .. rest product quality is good…nice plastic quality. No sharp edges are present so the child is safe .. at times got unbalanced maybe because my Baby is small’ – Sheetal

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3. Galaxy Hi-Tech plastic 6 in 1 Learning Cube

Why we Recommend it: To enhance your baby’s visual and auditory senses, this toy has many songs, sound effects, and bright colors to cultivate creativity and vital skills.

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4. Stunt Tricycle Bump and Go Toy

Why we Recommend it: The attractive make and function of this Bicycle can engage your child playing and having fun in leisure.
Your little girl is going to love this.

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5. Homecute Kids Play Tent House

Promising Review: ‘This is beautiful… exactly what I want…my daughter’s own house…she is very happy…good quality..perfect for kids for any age.. specious..even I can easily sit and play with my baby inside it….airy and beautiful colors.’ – Annu

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6. Chicco Piano Dj Mixy, Multicolor

Why we Recommend it: It will let your baby girl create her own music style from scratch with DJ mixy. Select first a melody, then add over it several sounds and accelerate/decelerate the rhythm of the melody.

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7. Baby Tricycle

Why we Recommend it: Aesthetically designed tricycle for your little girl that will provide superior comfort and safety.

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8. Foldable Baby Garden Slider

Why we Recommend it: Perfect beginner’s slide, especially for younger kids. When babies are sliding, it will promote their tactile sensing; practice their coordination ability, improve their balanced capacity.

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9. Little Master Activity Cube

Why we Recommend it: Little Master Activity Cube has the capacity to boost multiple skills with a single toy.
It’s a colorful cube toy to engage the child in playing and develop skills with games like multimode musical piano, beads game, clock dial and hand, shape sorter, and gears game.

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10. Plastic Activity Toys with 10 Fruits with 50 Jumbo Buttons

Promising Review: ‘The concept, quality, and colors all are good…my daughter loved it..she has poor eye-hand coordination and this game is a fun way for her to improve her skills’ – deepti bist

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11. Ball Drop Rolling & Swirling Tower Ramp

Why we Recommend it: Great interactive toy that promotes intellect skills, creativity, originality and concentration, perfect eye-hand coordination exercise for babies and toddlers.

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12. Safari Cube Puzzle

Why we Recommend it: Wooden cube puzzles will help inducing puzzle solving with 6 different picture puzzles to arrange.
Making the puzzle complete is an engaging game that will develop logical skills in the child.

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13. Colorful and Attractive Funny Cottage Educational Toy

Why we Recommend it: This awesome learning House is the best musical learning educational toy you can get for your little baby girl.
Just like your house, this toy house is loaded with fun things for your child to discover and learn. Unlock the door with the key, play a mini piano, or build with blocks.

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14. Butterfly Shape Sorter, Six chunky, colorful shapes to sort and store

Why we Recommend it: ‘It’s an amazing product at a great price. The manufacturer has taken every care to make it safe for the children of the intended age group. Great learning aid for toddlers. Made of high-quality plastic and durable.’ – Vishnu

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15. Baybee Kids Power Wheel Ride On Jeep Push

Why we Recommend it: Let your child enjoy the outdoors and really benefit from the sense of fun and freedom, more security, that go away.
It’s convenient for the baby to get on or get off the car with a supper storage box under the seat.

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16. Colorful And Attractive Funny Cottage

Why we Recommend it: Lots of Fun Activities Which Help Develop Motor Skills, Visual Skills, Hand-Eye Coordination, Tactile and Hearing Skills.

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17. 3-in-1 Infant Deluxe Gift Pack

Why we Recommend it: The perfect gift for your little one, with classic best sellers for endless play
Pop the links together and pull them apart for endless fun to improve gross and fine motor skills and encourage tactile play

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18. Sorting & Stacking Sorter 

Why we Recommend it: Protect baby safety, make delicate products attentively, and give you high-quality toys. The edges are smooth and won’t hurt the baby’s delicate skin.

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19. Learning Baby Pillow Cushion

Why we Recommend it: Easy to Hand Wash, Non-Breakable and Durable, Velvet and Sartin Soft Fabric Material.

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20. Giggles – Musical Snail

Why we Recommend it: Young ones will have a great time beating on the xylophone and drum on this slow coach with the mallet

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21. Dancing and Spinning Rolling Monkey

Why we Recommend it: This monkey will restart when you clap near him, it has a sensor.
Just Switch ON the key and monkey will swing and dance automatically and stop automatically then just clap near monkey it will start automatically.

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22. Musical Mat

Why we Recommend it: Made of waterproof polyester + cotton padding, soft and comfortable, safe and environmental protection, not hurt children’s feet, and easy to clean. Using smart electronic chips, it will automatically enter the energy-saving state after 1 minute of inactivity.

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