Toys for 12 year old girl

22 Best Toys for 12 Year Old Girl in India – 2022

Looking for the perfect gift for a 12 year old girl in India? You’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of some of the best toys and gifts for girls her age. From fun games to creative arts and crafts, she’s sure to love something on our list. So don’t wait any longer – take a look and find the perfect present today!

Toys for 12 Year Old Girl – India

There are all sorts of activities that appeal to girls of this age, including sports, puzzles, and action figures. Whatever your child’s interests may be, there is sure to be a perfect toy out there waiting to be discovered! So don’t wait any longer – start shopping today!

1. Michael Storrings Cuba 1000 Piece Puzzle

Why we Recommend it: ‘Very beautiful and challenging puzzle to complete! Totally worth the time and effort put in 🙂 The only thing that I would like to caution is that the puzzle is a blow-up of a water-colored painting and therefore the lines are not sharp.
Also, the size of the poster it is really small to make out the details. This adds to the time one takes to complete the puzzle. Best to sort out pieces according to color and then tackle it! :)’

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2. Skillmatics Buildables: Infinity Calendar 

Why we Recommend it: Your child will learn various scientific principles including the concept of friction, cryptic codes, and geneva mechanism.

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3.  Globe TROTTERS Augmented Reality STEM Toy

Why we Recommend it: ‘Super quality… It makes busy children assemble…… The app is nice. Children learn about country, latitude, longitude, monument, and animals with beautiful pictures…….. Super toy in corona time..’Sarita

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4. Pictionary Board Game

Why we Recommend it: A more compact portable version of the classic board game where players try to get other players to guess words and phrases by sketching to each other.
You can also enjoy this game playing with your kid.

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5. Smartivity Stop Drop Gravity Transporter STEM Toy

Why we Recommend it: Through building this awesome game, children learn about gravity and weight, and how the force of gravity affects motion. 

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6. Solitaire Board in Wood with Glass Marbles

Why we Recommend it: A fun marbles game your kids wouldn’t stop playing.
This handmade Indian round wooden game board Gift set with glass marbles is entirely handcrafted by talented woodworkers.

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7. Fish Board Rotating with Music

Why we Recommend it: An excellent combination of fun and enjoyment, this fishing game is designed for young children and helps develop concentration, coordination, patience while improving their reflexes.

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8. Chess Attack STEM Toy

Why we Recommend it: Based on the concepts of elasticity, simple machines, and strategic thinking, your child will love the game as much as building it. The kit contains all the elements required to build a fully dynamic game for a single or 2 players. 

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9. Carrom Board Combo with Coins, Striker and Boric Powder

Why we Recommend it: Introduce her to the game of carrom by gifting this amazing carrom board.
It’s a great quality carrom board that has a smooth playing surface and excellent re-bounce capabilities. 

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10. Building Construction Activity Toy Game Kit

Why we Recommend it: ‘The product is really a very good product. The instructions are very clear and the diagrams completely unambiguous. Another great thing about this is that the parts fit very cleanly.
It is amazing to make and you are curious as to what is the end product till the very end. Which makes the assembly interesting. My 9-year-old son made it without any help. Once assembled the toy is great fun to use. Given it is relatively cheap it is a great value for money.’

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11. Zvata Hexpert – an Award-Winning Board Game

Why we Recommend it: Hexpert is an award-winning tile-laying Strategy Game where players need to outscore opponents by joining continuous rows of light of the same color.
A game where players need to take hard decisions. Keeps you thinking all the way.

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12. Hasbro Gaming Hearing Things Game

Why we Recommend it: The Hearing Things game includes 150 cards with over 600 phrases for hours of hilarious lip-reading fun.
She is going to have a lot of fun while playing this game with her friends.

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13. Smartivity Chess Attack STEM Toy

Promising Review: ‘Simple, but fun!
Fun game. Simple construction. Took around 45 minutes for my child. No complication. Very well designed.’

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14. Buildables: Compound Microscope

Why we Recommend it: This will let her build her own compound microscope with step-by-step instructions, learn with the application of stem concepts and explore the world of science with fun challenges.

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15. Art and Craft Keychain Dolls 

Why we Recommend it: ‘Loved it as brought a big smile to my daughter’s face. It’s a good project for the summer holidays and would make for a great gift for kids.
You would need a person to guide the kids though as the work would involve scissors and a lot of trying.’
Saurabh Chandra

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16. Horse

Why we Recommend it: The Horse Club comes to life – great, new girl figures and adventurous tales about the “Horse Club”, made up of the four-horse enthusiasts Hannah, Sofia, Lisa, and Sarah.

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17. Ice Cream Trolley

Why we Recommend it: Play, learn & have fun selling ice cream: the ARHA INTERNATIONAL educational ice-cream pretend play set will help your toddler develop hand-eye coordination, social skills, and fine motor skills while playing!

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18. Electricity Kit

Why we Recommend it: The Ultimate Electricity kit is designed to introduce kids to basic concepts of Electricity. It builds love and curiosity for Science and provides hours of screen-free fun. Every single component required to build the 3-D projects and paper circuits is included in the box.

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19. Kaleidoscope

Why we Recommend it: Smartivity helps in the Brain Development of your child with STEAM Concepts-based game/toy with Real Moving Parts & MECHANICAL ACTIONS.

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20. Art and Craft Keychain Dolls

Why we Recommend it: This activity kit is about spreading love. Make and gift your keychains or organize a fundraiser, and collect money for a cause.

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21. Magnetic Hockey

Why we Recommend it: Longer Constructive Activity, Multiple Gameplays, Core STEAM Learning, and Superior Engagement Time Per Rupee than other DIY toys.

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22. Buildables Sketching Machine

Why we Recommend it: BUILD your own Sketching Machine with step-by-step instructions, LEARN with the application of STEM concepts & EXPLORE the world of science with fun challenges!

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