Toys for 11 year old girl

22 Best Toys for 11 Year Old Girl in India – 2022

When it comes to choosing the best toys for an 11 year old girl, there are many things to consider. What type of interests does she have? What is she passionate about? What kind of activities does she enjoy? This can be a daunting task, but don’t worry, we’re here to help!

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best toys for 11 year old girls in India. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Toys for 11 Year Old Girl – India

From fun games and creative activities to cool gadgets and stylish accessories, we’ve got something for everyone. So don’t wait any longer, take a look at our top picks and find the perfect toys today!

1. Magic Wand Wizard Sorcerer’s Wand with Ribbon Box

Why we Recommend it: High-quality realistic length wand. Comes with a beautiful ribbon box.
Would be a fun gift for your little girl.

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2. Educational DIY Building Construction Activity Toy

Promising Review: ‘My kid loves this product so much… He is 9 years old and he built the entire set by himself and by interest. The quality of the material is too good and well designed. He plays with all the 3 games separately as well. He is enjoying this game :)’B.Sathish Kumar

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3. NERF Ultra Five Blaster

Why we Recommend it: Experience extreme distance, accuracy, and speed with Nerf Ultra blasters that are designed with advanced features to take your Nerf games to the next level.

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4. Hasbro Gaming The Game Of Life Electronic Board Game

Why we Recommend it: Nostalgic tabletop gameplay meets interactive digital content for an immersive gaming experience.
It’s the classic game of career life choices, but it’s got a revolutionary electronic twist. 

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5. Hasbro Gaming Connect 4 Shots Game

Why we Recommend it: ‘So it’s a little expensive but the quality of the product is the best in its class! The product looks like it has been bought abroad. Love the durability and the game is fun too, of course!’Megha Thakur

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6. Frank Buildings Puzzles

Why we Recommend it: A wonderful way to sharpen one’s mind and focus. Suitable not only for older children but also for those who are looking for a challenge.

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7. LEGO Friends Summer Fun Water Park Building Set

Why we Recommend it: Bring the fun of the water park to kids’ bedrooms with this featured-packed toy.
LEGO Friends Summer Fun Water Park set will keep kids entertained for hours as they tackle the build and then explore details.

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8. Windmill Making Kit

Why we Recommend it: Beautiful kits which demonstrate breeze blowing across become the power that lights LED bulb.
Students will understand electricity generation through wind power, and how to make connections in simple circuits.

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9. Mix n Match Color Imaginator STEM Toy

Why we Recommend it:  S.T.E.M. Learning D.I.Y. Educational toy kit is the perfect way to introduce your child to the intricacies of Colour Theory. With this kit, children learn about colours as well as gear mechanism by building the two-part project. 

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10. Sasuke Uchiha Final Form Chibi Figurine

Why we Recommend it: A figurine she would love to keep in her room for decoration.

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11. Hasbro Gaming The Game of Life game, board game

Promising Review: ‘What a lovely game it is… The moment it entered the house… All other board games have taken a back seat. My kids are hooked to this game. It’s been more than a week… We got this… And 2 other board games with it… But after trying all other games… Kids are regularly continuing with this one… I think… That says it all.’Anju Sharma

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12. Jungle Hide and Seek Puzzle Game

Why we Recommend it: ‘It’s awesome for kids to solve permutations and combination puzzles and develop the IQ for solving! Can be used for travel and keep kids away from phones.’Amit Alavadi

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13. DIY Building Construction Activity Toy

Why we Recommend it: Introduce your child to the concept of finance and the workings of money and banks in this fun new Smartivity STEM, learning, educational, and construction activity toy.

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14. Chalk and Chuckles Super Word Spy – Fun Family Word Game

Why we Recommend it: It’s a game that parents also enjoy playing with their kids.
An entertaining brain builder- Win with skill, speed, and confidence. It’s a fast-paced, travel-friendly, family and party game.

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15. Sitting Stuffed Plush Toy with Key Hook

Why we Recommend it: ‘This is so cute and adorable af and I highly recommend this to all armies 💜, but the quality is slightly bad but it’s okay for this price 🤗.’

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16. Metal Robotics Kit

Why we Recommend it: Control your robots using a fun remote control mobile app and code them using visual block-based coding software.

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17. Digital Camera

Why we Recommend it: The kid’s camera for girls supports instantly and automatically prints high-quality vibrant 2”x4” Black and White photo papers directly from the camera body. The camera can be 180-degree rotating which supports selfie and rear capture, kids can take multiple angles of view.

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18. Roller Skates

Why we Recommend it: This pair of Four Wheels Adjustable Children Roller Skating Shoes will be a perfect choice for you and your kids. They are adjustable and comfortable. Your kids will love them in their childhood. Come and take one pair home!

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19. Mattel Scrabble Board Game

Promising Review: Best game ever, never gets bored of this.
Quality is great, board and alphabets all are in good shape. It’s been 2 months we regularly play this game and still it looks as good as new, no wearing off.-Sukhoi

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20. Art and Craft Keychain Dolls

Why we Recommend it: This activity kit is about spreading love. Make and gift your keychains or organize a fundraiser, and collect money for a cause.

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21. LED Pink Unicorn Digital Watch

Why we Recommend it: Dream strap with 3D colorful lifelike cute cartoon design, each cartoon image is lively and interesting which make kids very vigorous and happy, kids will definitely love it. It is a perfect gift for kids.

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22. Binoculars

Why we Recommend it: EASY focus by simply turning the center dial! Due to the 8x magnification, the most beautiful landscapes and different animals shine in breathtaking size right in front of your eye! 

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